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Analytics for Social Good

Global Philanthropy Ecosystem
Overview Q2 2022
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Sustainable business in the UK Landscape Overview Q4 2021
Global mHealth Industry Landscape Overview 2020
FinTech for Social Good
Special Edition
DeepTech for Social Good
Landscape Overview
COVID-19 City Safety Rankings Q2/2021: Benchmarking of Municipal Pandemic Response
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COVID19 City Safety Ranking Q1/2021: Benchmarking of Municipal Pandemic Response
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Global Impact Investing
Overview Q2 2022
GovTech Development
During COVID-19:
How Technologies Have Helped
Landscape Overview 2020
Longevity in Asia Landscape.png
Longevity in Asia: Industry Ecosystem IT-Platform


Deep Knowledge Org regularly produces joint reports with our partners, that can contribute by providing their specific knowledge and expertise. If you are interested in contributing to joint reports with us don't hesitate to get in touch.


African Charity Dashboard

African Charity Dashboard is an interactive tool that aims to map, categorize, and rank market participants of the respective sectors by filtering them in geographical maps and mind-maps with visualized analytics of associated global challenges.

The Dashboard is also featuring profiles of organizations and donors/investors, and tools for matchmaking impact startups with investors, charity organizations - with donors, and charities - with impact startups, as well as with financial institutions, volunteers, and other partners.

For grantmakers, socially responsible businesses, philanthropists & changemakers, non-profit leaders, and local charities.
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