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The UK has the potential to become a global leader in the AssitiveTech Industry. Our report showcases the importance of AssistiveTech in driving social inclusion and highlights the UK’s efforts in providing support for those in need of using advanced technologies.

Join us in the House of Lords to take a first-hand look at a comprehensive review of the UK’s assistive technology landscape overview. This newly created report focuses on industry participants, its major trends and obstacles and the support of the UK Government towards the assistive tech Industries.

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“DeepTech for Social Good” is the next highly anticipated virtual event hosted by Deep Knowledge Philanthropy. We understand that technology can act as a leveler, a force driving social change regardless of age, gender, race, and nationality.

For Social Good

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Deep Knowledge Group is pleased to host its free virtual event “Global Impact Investing: Success stories from across the world”, which brings together industry leaders and influencers in the subject of impact investing...

Global Impact Investing: Success stories from across the world


The world’s first international, cross-border, cross-sector summit on International Longevity Policy and Governance as part of Longevity Forum’s Longevity Week 2019, bringing together world-leading policy experts, representatives of government bodies, departments, healthcare and finance ministries, executives of healthcare and financial corporations to discuss, network and collaborate on initiatives to promote international longevity development.


The inaugural, exclusive and invitation-only AI for Longevity Summit, organized at King’s College London, brought together leading scientists, industry players, and experts to highlight the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence for Longevity and the practical implementation of longevity technologies and therapeutics. It was the first in a series of conferences, which we expect to become the world-leading forum on AI for Longevity. 

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