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ATLAS Society Announces New Strategic Partnership with the Biogerontology Research Foundation

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

London, UK – Thursday, 26 January 2023: ATLAS (Assistive Technology, Longevity and Ageing Society) has announced a new strategic partnership with the Biogerontology Research Foundation, the UK’s longest-standing Longevity-focused charity, founded in 2007, as well as the appointment of its Director, Roxy Iqbal, to the BGRF’s Board of Trustees.

ATLAS was launched in 2022 with the mandate of informing and guiding the public and private sectors to embrace the UK’s growing AssistiveTech, Longevity, and AgeTech industries, and to heighten their awareness of including the senior community and people living with disabilities. Stemming from the notion that technology is a major enabler of social inclusion, the initiative aims to leverage partnerships through convening tech founders, venture philanthropists, and impact investors.

The Biogerontology Research Foundation was an early supporter of ATLAS’ work, having provided significant in-kind support for its formal establishment, as well as in-kind support for the logistics, organisation and execution of ATLAS’s inaugural in-person event and informal launch at the UK House of Lords, where Biogerontology Research Foundation Head of Policy and Outreach (Ian Inkster) and Managing Trustee Dmitry Kaminskiy both spoke.

Using this significant remit, the ATLAS will work with the Biogerontology Research Foundation on the development of its Technological Responsibility Index. The index will seek to rank and benchmark, via neutral and data-driven metrics, the overall levels of support provided by UK tech companies for further development of the nation’s AssistiveTech, AgeTech, and Longevity Ecosystems, as well as their own levels of corporate and infrastructural inclusivity and accessibility.

Speaking of the partnership and her new role, Roxy Iqbal, Director of ATLAS (Assistive Technology, Longevity and Ageing Society), said: “It is indeed an honour to serve alongside Dmitry Kaminskiy as a new trustee for the Biogerontology Research Foundation. With ATLAS also joining as a strategic partner, we hope to broaden the charity’s mandate in its application of knowledge to relieve age-related illness and disability, and to ultimately align our efforts to improve and empower the overall health and Longevity of people in the UK, specifically people living with disabilities and age-related illnesses.”

It is expected that the newly formed alliance will boost the Biogerontology Research Foundation’s long-standing objective to extend perceptions of the more traditional limits of biogerontology among key science, technology, industry and policy decision makers to include high-impact tech sectors like AgeTech and AssistiveTech, with high levels of market readiness and social impact, opening opportunities for cross-industry collaboration with stakeholders, while significantly extending the reach of ATLAS’ initiatives aimed at champion the AssitiveTech industry and its potential to drive social inclusion, promoting healthy Longevity and its importance to society and industry, and restoring the Technological Rights of the UK’s senior community.

Speaking on both appointments, Biogerontology Research Foundation Managing Trustee Dmitry Kaminskiy said “It is my great pleasure to welcome Roxy Iqbal to the Biogerontology Research Foundation’s Board of Trustees. She brings to the foundation her proven commitment and dedication to some of its most important charitable objectives, as demonstrated through her continued efforts to advocate for the technological rights of senior society. I am sure that she, alongside the exciting plans we’ve discussed as part of the charity’s strategic partnership ATLAS (Assistive Technology, Longevity and Ageing Society), will go a long way in extending the foundation’s long-standing mandate to promote and support the accelerated delivery of Longevity Industrialisation’s major social dividends for the mutual benefit of citizens and national economies.

About the Biogerontology Research Foundation

The Biogerontology Research Foundation is the UK's leading charity focused on Longevity, supporting ageing research, and multiple initiatives relating to advancing Healthy Longevity and expediting the coming paradigm shift from disease treatment to personalised precision prevention. It was actively involved in the successful initiative of adding a new extension code for "ageing-related diseases" (XT9T) accepted in 2018 by the World Health Organization during the last revisions of its International Classification of Diseases framework.

About ATLAS (Assistive Technology, Longevity and Ageing Society)

Assistive Technology, Longevity and Ageing Society (ATLAS) is an advocacy initiative by Deep Knowledge Group for the prioritisation of frontier technologies in AssistiveTech and AgeTech to impact lives on a global scale. ATLAS believes that technology is a major enabler of social inclusion in the world and so leverages partnerships via tech founders, venture philanthropy, and impact investment to deliver a future of technology for all.

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